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Scrap Metal

Recycle with a scrap metal recycling company such as Pascap Co. Inc. 4250 Boston Rd., Bronx, NY 10475 (888) 809-9437

From the Pascap website:

Pascap strives to have a positive impact on our environment and since we’ve been around since 1929, we were a “green” company before most people knew what that was. Scrap recycling helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and saves energy and natural resources. In fact, scrap recycling keeps millions of tons of materials away from landfills every year. And recycled scrap helps keep our air and water cleaner by removing potentially hazardous materials and keeping them out of our landfills. So bring your scrap to Pascap, make some extra money, and help the environment! Call us at 888-809-9437 about our pick- up service or bring your metal scrap to the yard yourself