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plastic-bottlesCurbside Recycling

Plastics accepted with your curbside recycling pickup include all plastics coded with any number 1 through 7, commonly used for food, beverages, detergents, household cleaners and shampoo. Include coded pails and buckets, as well as coded flower pots and trays rinsed free of soil or other products.

How: All plastics must be rinsed clean and free of food waste and other products. Plastic caps on jars and bottles are acceptable. Place plastics loose in the bin with glass and metal containers.

Not Accepted Curbside

  • Plastic bags, all plastic film (e.g. dry cleaning bags and packaging materials), vinyl
  • Unmarked or non-coded plastics (e.g. toys, clothing hangers, tableware and utensils)
  • Large rigid plastics (e.g. toys and furniture)
  • Plastic foam (e.g. hot beverage cups, trays and packaging materials)
  • Containers that may have held hazardous materials (e.g. motor oil, solvents and pesticides)
  • Building materials (e.g. pvc piping and bathroom and kitchen fixtures)