Amy Dunkin


Amy Dunkin is a journalist who currently serves as Director of Academic Operations at the City University of New York’s CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Prior to joining CUNY in 2008, she worked at BusinessWeek magazine, editing the personal finance section and covering retailing and marketing.

She also started one of BusinessWeek’s first blogs, called Working Parents, and spearheaded a successful campaign to get the magazine’s then parent company, McGraw-Hill, to offer paid leave and other benefits to adoptive parents.

She began her career as a reporter at the The Record newspaper in Hackensack, NJ. She graduated from the State University of New York’s University at Buffalo with a B.A. in English and served as editor-in-chief of its student newspaper.

Amy became involved with EcoPel in the fall of 2014 when she helped organize its first town-wide cleanup. She joined its board in 2015.

Amy and her husband Larry Kraftowitz have lived in Pelham since 1991. They have two sons: Eli, 21, and Jonah, 18.

Peter Mullany

Peter Mullany has been a resident of Pelham for over 20 years; he and his wife have raised two daughters here.

He has spent his professional career in banking.  Locally, Peter spent many years in leadership roles, including four as co-president of the Pelham Travel Soccer Club.

His environmental interests and awareness sharpened in recent years, particularly in the area of plastics and their detrimental impacts on the environment and public health. He hopes that others will likewise heighten their awareness and efforts in support of a cleaner and healthier environment.

Lindsay Preftakes


Prior to moving to Pelham, Lindsay worked in market research and development of educational materials for public health and education departments throughout the country. Subjects included the green jobs industry, home air, and clean public water supplies. Her work experience also includes finance, accounting, and growing up in a large family-owned auto services company.

Lindsay believes strongly in building awareness about the consequences our consumption has on the environment and hopes to use her business background and marketing experience to facilitate the transition of Pelham families into a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Debbie Winstead

Tina Dini

Tina Dini chose to live in Pelham in 2004, attracted by its parks, beautiful tree-lined streets, and the diversity of stores and restaurants for such a small area, including the DeCicco's market and well-stocked "Wise Hardware" store. In 2014 she joined EcoPel.

Originally from Romania and growing up during communist era, Tina learned from an early age and through direct experience about recycling, about waste management and about lack of resources. As a Board member and with her degree in Economics of Agriculture and Food Industry from ASE Bucharest, and her passion for a better environment, Tina hopes to promote the concept "Less is More" in Pelham, a town that already does so much in that direction through its resistance to chain stores.

  • Support locally grown foods through "backyard gardening," urban gardening plots in New Rochelle or CSA membership
  • Giving a second chance to clothes that don’t look their best anymore through recycling bin located at Community Church of Pelhams
  • Support shopping at local stores and restaurants which bring life to Pelham’s Downtown vs shopping at chain-stores in neighboring towns
  • Support the other EcoPel members on their recycling initiatives for Pelham’s streets schools

David Brown


David Brown, EcoPel’s Treasurer, has been a resident in Pelham for almost 25 years and an environmental advocate since high school when he interned for the Conservation Law Foundation and the Appalachian Mountain Club in Boston. He graduated from Middlebury College and Cornell University’s Johnson School of Management.

He and his wife raised four children in Pelham and have both been active in numerous local organizations. He’s currently very interested in new residents of Pelham joining and helping lead EcoPel.

Sydney MacInnis

Sydney MacInnis is a longtime environmental activist, holistic nutrition consultant, yoga and meditation teacher, and businesswoman who founded EcoPel in 2013.

She experienced an environmental awakening 28 years ago when she realized that Planet Earth could not handle all of the waste its citizens were producing. That realization led her to volunteer for Friends of the Earth and participate in a march against McDonald’s Styrofoam packaging in 1990. She has been marching for the Earth in all moments since then.

In 2009, Sydney launched mothering Mother, a website that sells reusable cotton shopping bags for produce and bulk foods to help cut down on the use of plastic bags. In keeping with her passionate interest in food and promoting a plant-based diet, the site also offers vegetarian recipes and instructional videos.

EcoPel unfolded effortlessly once Sydney started to connect with other eco-aware residents in the community. Prompting each resident to feel that she or he plays a key role in the shaping of our beautiful planet lays at the foundation of the organization.

Sydney, her husband Iain, and their four children Thomas, Harry, William and Michael moved to Pelham 13 years ago from Toronto, Canada.

Melissa Eustace

Melissa and a small group of concerned environmentalists founded EcoPel in 2013 in an effort to spur green action in the community. Always an animal lover, Melissa grew more concerned with the state of the environment after the birth of her first son in 1999, when it became more apparent that overwhelming burden of chemicals and plastic in our environment could be harmful to life. She has served as a board member at the Pelham Children’s Center, on the Site Based Council at Colonial School, and in many different capacities for the Colonial School PTA, culminating in a two-year term as President from 2010-2012.

Prior to moving to Pelham in 2004, Melissa worked as Country Manager for Eurasia at the U.S. Trade and Development Agency for six years. She also worked in two Washington, DC think tanks, and spent time studying in Russia and working in Ukraine. Melissa has an MA in Russian and East European Studies from the George Washington University and a BA in Political Science from McGill University.

Catharine P. Taylor

EcoWise Writer