Tina Dini

Tina Dini chose to live in Pelham in 2004, attracted by its parks, beautiful tree-lined streets, and the diversity of stores and restaurants for such a small area, including the DeCicco’s market and well-stocked “Wise Hardware” store. In 2014 she joined EcoPel.

Originally from Romania and growing up during communist era, Tina learned from an early age and through direct experience about recycling, about waste management and about lack of resources. As a Board member and with her degree in Economics of Agriculture and Food Industry from ASE Bucharest, and her passion for a better environment, Tina hopes to promote the concept “Less is More” in Pelham, a town that already does so much in that direction through its resistance to chain stores.

  • Support locally grown foods through “backyard gardening,” urban gardening plots in New Rochelle or CSA membership
  • Giving a second chance to clothes that don’t look their best anymore through recycling bin located at Community Church of Pelhams
  • Support shopping at local stores and restaurants which bring life to Pelham’s Downtown vs shopping at chain-stores in neighboring towns
  • Support the other EcoPel members on their recycling initiatives for Pelham’s streets schools