Sydney MacInnis

Sydney MacInnis is a longtime environmental activist, holistic nutrition consultant, yoga and meditation teacher, and businesswoman who founded EcoPel in 2013.

She experienced an environmental awakening 28 years ago when she realized that Planet Earth could not handle all of the waste its citizens were producing. That realization led her to volunteer for Friends of the Earth and participate in a march against McDonald’s Styrofoam packaging in 1990. She has been marching for the Earth in all moments since then.

In 2009, Sydney launched mothering Mother, a website that sells reusable cotton shopping bags for produce and bulk foods to help cut down on the use of plastic bags. In keeping with her passionate interest in food and promoting a plant-based diet, the site also offers vegetarian recipes and instructional videos.

EcoPel unfolded effortlessly once Sydney started to connect with other eco-aware residents in the community. Prompting each resident to feel that she or he plays a key role in the shaping of our beautiful planet lays at the foundation of the organization.

Sydney, her husband Iain, and their four children Thomas, Harry, William and Michael moved to Pelham 13 years ago from Toronto, Canada.