EcoPel sponsors or promotes the activities highlighted below. Our outreach begins with you. Look at our areas of interest and activities, and see where you are able to make a difference. 

Think Global, Act LocalIt all starts with your one step.


Tree Committee

Participation in the Pelham School Board’s tree committee.

School Recycling

Development of a recycling program in the Pelham Schools in partnership with the administration. Learn more.

Love ‘Em & Leave ‘Em

Leaf mulching practice for homeowners and villages.

Film Screenings

Screenings of movies with environmental themes at the Pelham Picture House. View upcoming and past events.

Textile Recycling

When EcoPel offered a textile recycling drop-off to the community in the fall of 2015, so many people left bags of old clothing and other household items that EcoPel located a permanent drop-off site here in town. Learn more.

Healthy Planet Potluck

EcoPel hosts a twice yearly potluck dinner featuring plant-based foods and educational information about the benefits of a plant-based diet. Learn more and view upcoming and past events.

EcoWise Column

The periodic “EcoWise” column in the News of Pelham is written by EcoPel members. Read columns.

Town Wide Cleanups

EcoPel organizes town-wide cleanups. View upcoming and past events.

Recycling Receptacles

Placement of bottle and can recycling receptacles in the Village of Pelham (with the help of a Junior League Grant).


Collecting used bicycles for NYC nonprofit.

Solstice Yoga

EcoPel hosts has hosted fundraising yoga events to coincide with the summer and winter solstices.  View upcoming and past events.

Key Issues

EcoPel focuses on the key environmental issues that impact our community and our world.

Waste Management

Our goal at EcoPel is to help Pelhamite's reduce, reuse and recycle as much of their waste as possible. You can help by learning about different options for where to recycle your waste. Learn more


EcoPel has partnered with the Pelham school district to improve recycling in the schools. Now every classroom and office has bottle and can receptacles alongside those for paper recycling and regular trash. Read more


This Pelham bike map encourages biking and is aimed at helping Pelhamites and visitors to discover the best that Pelham offers: small and peaceful roads, surprising detours, parks, nice views, beautiful houses, etc. View Map