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Take Care of Your Yard — And the Planet

Pelham Healthy YardsIn our community, we take great pride in our homes and want our lawns, trees, and plants to look beautiful. But we shouldn’t have to pretty up our yards at the expense of the environment.

That’s why the Village of Pelham Sustainability Advisory Board and Climate Smart Communities Task Force are backing a campaign called “Pelham Healthy Yards” to promote sustainable gardening practices that contribute to cleaner air and water and less noise pollution.

“Pelham Healthy Yards” encourages residents, businesses, and municipalities, along with their landscapers, to take simple steps that will make a big difference:

  • Mow high and water less
  • Go electric (or human-powered) for removing leaves
  • Go chemical free
  • Use organic fertilizers
  • Mulch grass and leaves
  • Choose sustainable and native plants
  • Cover and amend the soil naturally
  • Remove invasives
  • Protect the tree canopy
  • Reduce the lawn size
  • Keep it dark

Village residents who take the “Healthy Yard Pledge” will receive a “Pelham Healthy Yards” medallion yard sign.

For more information about the “Pelham Healthy Yards” initiative, email the VoP Sustainability Advisory Board at You can also sign up for the Healthy Yards mailing list and find the “Pelham Healthy Yards” pledge here.