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Winner, Winner, Vegan Dinner!

More than 50 diners got to taste the deliciousness of homemade plant-based meals during EcoPel’s first vegan cooking contest on November 9. Organized by Marin Zielinksi, the event took place at the home of Romina and Jerry Levy in Pelham Manor.

The contest had three judges: State Senator Alessandra Biaggi, Pelham Mayor Chance Mullen, and Clay Bushong of The Picture House and the Pelham Chamber of Commerce.

And the winners were…
-Mariette Castillo Morrissey and Karen Gardner for their “crab”-stuffed mushrooms appetizer
-Liz Massie for her side dish of glazed carrots with tahini
-Dale Walkonen for her kale/quinoa stir main dish
-Sheri Silver for her vanilla confetti cupcakes

Pelham Memorial High School student Nadine Whalen made the beautiful cutting-board winner plaques.

As one guest remarked, “The food was so good and abundant. I didn’t expect to be so surprised at how good it was.”

EcoPel hopes events like this will prompt more people to consume plant-based food, which is healthy and beneficial to our planet.

Photos by Greg Shunick