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Pedaling Pelham and Repurposing Old Bikes

To help promote the eco-friendly use of bicycles in our community, the Environmental Coalition of the Pelhams (EcoPel) is organizing “Le Tour de Pelham” on Sunday, Sept. 20 starting at 1 p.m.

The guided ride will depart from the Connecticut-bound side of the Metro-North train station. Led by EcoPel volunteers, the tour is aimed at encouraging Pelhamites young and old to leave their cars by the curb and hop onto their bikes. A safety clinic will help riders adjust their helmets correctly.

Pelham is an easy town to bike around. It is small and quiet enough that you can pedal end to end without traveling on busy streets or through dangerous intersections. For those who want to venture beyond the borders of town, there’s even a wooded, paved bike path that starts at the end of Park Lane and leads to Orchard Beach, City Island, and Pelham Bay Park.

Cycling has many benefits. It is a gentle, low-impact, aerobic activity for people of all ages that promotes good health, relieves stress, and reduces pollution. It’s also fun.

Cyclists in “Le Tour de Pelham” will follow a route that meanders through different parts of Pelham, with stops at various parks along the way. Participants are welcome to follow the entire tour, or just a portion of it. A suggested donation of $10 per adult and $5 per child under age 16 will help fund future EcoPel events.

In the week leading up to the tour, EcoPel will launch a bicycle donation program that will run from Sept. 12 to 27. This will allow residents to find new homes for bikes they are no longer using, as well as an outlet for spare parts.

All donated bicycles will go to Recycle-A-Bike, a New York-based nonprofit that teaches young people the importance of cycling and recycling. The organization repairs those bikes that are salvageable and either resells them or gives them to children in New York City public schools and after-school youth programs.

During the collection period, donors can drop off their bikes in the driveways of the following EcoPel members: Sydney MacInnis, 427 Fowler Ave., and Christian Privat, 92 Young Ave.

You can find more information on this and other EcoPel events by visiting